Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balm Beach

We had some incredibly hot weather yesterday - a welcome change for the locals as this has been a wet spring and start to summer here.

Pictures are again out of order - not broken but not n the order I took them in. Click on any to enlarge.

To cool off, we had some ice cream. Mom and I ingested ours but GeorgianBayAlex choose to apply his as a salve. Perhaps he was uncertain about the name of the beach: Balm probably refers to the cool water more than the ice cream available nearby.

Mom and the little guy at the edge of the public beach.

The beach was nice although some kids nearby had a very limited vocabulary -there's more than one adjective available.

There was a lot of pollen in the water.

There is also controversy at the beach. In Canada, property owners can only own land to the high water mark of a lake. Practically, that means anyone can walk along a shore. That would be fine except that beachgoers ocassionally leave trash behind - less often, I think, thanvisitors to Sokcho Beach, but frequently enough.

This cottager has put up a fence that actually extends to into the water to deter walkers. You might be able to see burn marks on the fence, which has also been attacked with chainsaws and police are frequently called to the scene.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't attack the fence with a chainsaw but if property rights only extend to the high water mark then he has no right to build his fence into the water.
I might be tempted to take a chainsaw to litterers . . . .