Monday, June 08, 2009

Staff party in the country

Coming up on five years at Blogger, soon I hope to learn how to put my photos in order.

On Saturday, the little guy and I went to a pension owned by a coworker for a staff party.  We had a great time and, although this was the first pension I had visited, I really recommend it (Sumbi pension).

We've got to get the little guy a pet.  He loved the many animals at the pension.
The one, literal, blot on the landscape is the big-ass cement factory.
I will have to ask coworkers for permission to post their photos, but this one of ESL prof/yoga master Jenna might be good promotion for her.
Our host expected more children at the party and prepared a treasure hunt.  As my little guy was the only little guy, he found lots of presents.  I'm not sure, but perhaps the whole game-ploy was to let the others chat and relax without me bothering them.
"Yeah, KwandongBrian, you and your son look for toys for a few hours.  Have fun", snicker.

We did have fun, in part because neither I nor the people who made the clues had been to the pension before so many places were described haphazardly. 
He collected enough toys that when it was time to go to bed, he asked me if it was his birthday.  You'd think it was, especially with the great cake.
We all had a great time and I may post more pics after asking permission.

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