Monday, June 22, 2009

Bicycle commuting

I like the idea of commuting in the subway with my bike, especially as described in the Korea Times.  It's neat and tidy with no crowding or unpleasant mess.

Subway train for bicyclers: Mountain bike riders take their bicycles inside a special carriage of a subway train running from Seongbuk Station in eastern Seoul to Dongducheonjungang Station in Gyeonggi Province Sunday. Korail has test-ran the carriage for the convenience of bike-loving passengers who want to go cycling in the suburban area of Dongducheon. / Yonhap

Real cycling can be like this, but many times is not.
I don't want to to reinforce the stereotype of road
bikers against mountain bikers, but I am under the
 impression that many mountain cyclists only
consider a ride to have been a good one if they
finish covered in mud.  I, myself, stored my
bike in a hotel room during my cross-Canada
trip and left a mess from dripping oil and mud behind.

I hope the service works.

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