Wednesday, June 03, 2009

obsessed with numbers

The little guy is just shy of his fourth birthday -by my reckoning; here, he has been five for several months - and suddenly loves reading numbers.  Walking through a parking lot, with all those license plates, is an ordeal now.

For the record, this started a few weeks ago, perhaps at 3 years ten months, or a little later.

It reminds me of when I first learned to pronounce Hangeul.  I was an adult at the time, so I remember it clearly.  After a month in Korea, I could reliably struggle through a word or short sentence.  Riding the bus home in the evening was exhausting because I found myself trying to read each sign we passed - and street signs are horribly thick here - but almost never finishing before we had passed it.  Obsessively on to the next one.  And the next one...

He sometimes has trouble distinguishing between '6' and '9'.

Time to work on his actually writing them.


MKM said...

Hayden has been into the number spotting for a while now too - and she also enjoys pointing out "korean letters" and "english letters". The other day she saw a Korean "ㄱ" and insisted it was a 7 though. Clearly she needs more practice although she isn't anywhere near being able to write more than a jagged scrawl for anything, be they letters or numbers.

OK. Thanks for letting me talk about my kid on your blog! ^^

kwandongbrian said...

You're always welcome here, Melissa.

Your CD party sounds cool but I am unable to attend this one. I want to go to a later one.