Monday, July 19, 2010

North Korean dam discharge

I'm almost not sure why I am writing this post. I have missed some other Gangwondo news so this seems a little out of the blue.

Anyway, in years past, I have blogged about trans-border water - rivers and the like- and discussed rivers that cross the DMZ.

Recently, North Korea announced they were going to increase water flow across the border, and in fact have done so.

From the article:
North Korean media said Sunday that as many as 143 millimeters of rain had fallen in a town near the border city of Kaesong while heavy rains had continued in many other regions for days.

Last October, the South demanded an apology from the North for the deadly flash flood, leading the communist neighbor to express regret and convey a message of condolences to the bereaved.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Green-camp in Gangwondo

I read a hard copy of the Korea Herald today and learned of a green camp in Yangyang this summer. It is the sort of thing I would love to be involved with, if I still lived in Yangyang and they needed an English Teacher. Anyway, the Koreaherald website is described as a suspected malware site, so I don't visit it. Here is a photo of the article, from July 2nd, 2010. Click to embiggen and read.

Hmm. I found a link that took me straight to the article. Is only the home page a malware-risk?... Or, am I now doomed?