Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Forums (mostly focusing on Korea)

This post can be reached (or has been reached) by the 'Forums' link on my sidebar. For information about this post, read below the links. I expect the links to be the reason people read this post so they are on top. I will comment on the links (and erase this sentence) at some future date.

Life in Korea


Longly planet Thorntree Korea -northeast Asia forum

Dave's ESL



EFLgeek forums

EFLgeek wiki

English spectrum (just kidding - this is too hot for me)

Dave's ESL

The other day I recieved an email from a forum site asking me to link to it. I checked out the site and although I am uninterested in the US military in Korea (uninterested in their daily activities and recreation - damn happy they're here) it is a very slick and professional site with content for non-military folk.

Still, I've never asked to be linked to and it feels strange, like fishing for compliments, to ask for linkage. Wait, maybe I asked Melvin ("Pack the el Camino" on my blogroll) to link to me. He gave me a strange look -like I'd crossed an ettiquette line and that's what I feel here.

One of the reasons I began reading blogs was to learn about the Korea that is not covered in the Herald or the Times. That's a large subject area, by the way. That's part of the reason I began blogging myself; I think I have something to offer to others. For this reason, I feel listing local forums to be a worthy part of this site.

I have thought about increasing the number of links on the sidebar but I don't want a blogroll longer than my arm. As a consequence, on the sidebar should be a link titled simply, "forums" that will bring you to this post. This post will grow and change and I will try to comment on the forums themselves rather than simply listing them


EFL Geek said...

Thanks for the plug - both the forums and the wiki. Hope to see you and your readers contributing on the wiki and/or forums soon.

kwandongbrian said...

Aw, man. That sounds like you're dissatisfied with my freeloading or something ;-)

More seriously, I'll have a look (oh, and readers; if you contribute, mention my name so the Geek knows I'm involved!!!!)

EFL Geek said...

You made me laugh.

i don't think anyone is freeloading, I'm just trying to encourage participation.

Nathan B. said...

You made me laugh, too!

Honolulu Jerry said...

Aloha Kwandonbrian, A small group of us will be traveling to Kwandong University in about a week. I presume the University is in Gangwon, but I have found practically nothing on the web about location. Could you give me some info esp. about location. Sounds like we will need to wear hot weather clothes.


Honolulu Jerry

Honolulu Jerry said...

Aloha, and help, I Kwandong University in Gangwon? Little on the web about it. Will be visiting in 10 days


Honolulu Jerry

kwandongbrian said...

Hey Jerry,

Kwandong University is in Gangneung, on the East Coast of Gangwondo, Korea. You can get there by bus, train or air+bus. I don't know anyone who's travelled by train but the bus trip is smooth and quick (3hrs - well, longer in the summer -5 hrs). There's one flight a day to Yangyang airport, but with the time it takes to get to the airport, check-in, fly, and bus to Gangneung, you might as well take the bus.

Clothes: Its going to be hot and humid and the rainy season should have started already. Umbrellas are cheap here so buy one when you arrive as needed. I love handkerchiefs and rotate through a few a day for drying my face and the back of my neck - I sweat even when the air-conditioning is on here.

I will be out of town for much of the next month. A coworker who also has a blog (and is Hawaiian) can be found here:
The work email for the foreign language department is kdfli (at) hotmail (dot) com - I don't know why you are visiting - the medical department professors speak excellent English if that is your destination - but the foreign language department staff are used to helping foreigners.

I am not chasing you off, just offering other sources. If I can help you further, please ask.