Monday, June 15, 2009

A few more bike paths coming up

Actually, the number of paths sounds good, it is the length of each one that is less appealing.
From the Times:
"A total of 60 kilometers of cycle paths will be constructed along 21 streets and roads across the country with an outlay of 24 billion won this year"
I like the idea of bike paths, but I haven't seen many, in Canada or Korea, that are useful for commuters.  In Sokcho, there are bikepaths next to the sidewalks but that means cyclists must stop at each traffic-light.  I don't mind stopping at red lights, as (most? some?) automobiles do, but to stop at every one really diminishes the point of commuter-cycling: to effortlessly cover moderate distances at good speed.

Perhaps this system will be better.  The article does say that federally funded paths will be connected to local paths and
Under the nationwide U-Bike System to be initiated by the government, anyone can rent a bicycle at a non-manned parking station with a bike card, ride and then return the bike to the same or different station, a ministry spokesman explained. The system will also enable riders to transfer to nearby buses and subways.

I like this.  This sounds like a great way to connect public transit with commuter cycling.  I think the concept has been tested in the Netherlands and other European countries and I hope it works here.  I would love to take a bus to Gangneung and hop on a bike at the bus terminal to go the last few kilometres to work.

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