Saturday, June 13, 2009

Walking Festival

I learned that the 20km course follows a route that is only opened twice a year.  It is really tough but also, because it is available so seldom, it is very crowded.

We did the 5 km course and it was long enough considering I carried my little guy at least one km.  We did the walk with the four Domestic Blisses and I notice that not one of these photos has Mrs Bliss in it.

On the way to the start, from the bus, we saw a deer running in the dry riverbed.  We didn't see many other animals but, thanks to the clear air, the scenery was sharp and the horizons distant.  I am sure the adults had fun, but the walk was mostly about the kids, who had fun during these photos at least.

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Catherine said...

Great photos! I'm hiding behind Matthew, walking beside Jenny, in the walking shot. I've been replaced by "the nanny!"