Monday, May 04, 2009

The limping man says

Clean up your fucking sparklers at the beach when you leave!

I am not crippled, but I am limping.  It's ironic that it happened to me as I frequently take some time to collect them and remove them from the beach.
Every one knows what a 'sparkler' is, right?  It is a length of wire that has 30 cm or so covered in some bright-burning compound.  When the tip is lit, it will burn brightly and shoot sparks.  It is mostly safe when in someone's hands (although I have been burned once or twice).  The ones I find, twisted and mostly buried in the sand, are half-ass caltrops.


Marcus Peddle said...

Report it to the police. They probably won't do anything (because merchants would raise holy hell if they were told not to sell them) but maybe enough complaints can do something.

PAKA said...

yes...that's one of the things i'm going to talk about when i have my meeting with city hall. i essentially want them to ban the sale of those things at the beach.

Marcus Peddle said...

Are you really having a meeting at City Hall?