Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Boats, big and small

The weather for Children's day was fantastic. The little guy's mood was more variable and I was lucky to finish the day on a high note so he didn't go to bed cranky.

Someday, I'll learn what order to upload photos. This pic of people on sit-on-top kayaks was the last thing we did that I took pictures at.

I was concerned that the boat wouldn't hold me. With the little guy aboard, we topped 105 kg and every other boat was paddled by a child less than half my weight.

The boat was fine but KwandongAlex was disturbed by the rocking and by the way the paddle dripped water on his head on occasion. Later, we had cotton candy and he was cheered immensely.

This was at the Canoe Club on Lake Yeongnang. It is actually a club for competitive Kayaking and no canoes, recreational or sprint, were in sight.

Before attempting the kayaks, we went to tour the Coast Guard ships.

A three-year-old with a gatling gun!

A SAR boat. It looks like a lot of fun to race around on.
On the main deck.

Our final stop on Children's Day was Sokcho Beach, where we had a good time, I swam (very briefly) and we picked up 25 discarded, twisted sparklers.

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