Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Start your article with a hook

In the Korea Herald is an article about SCUBA diving in Korea and the title is "2nd best place to enjoy summer: under water".  I love to swim and dive; so much so that I have to wonder what could possibly rank higher.  In reading the article, I still wonder.  (Related: if this is their second best idea, what was their first?)

From the article:

She said diving contribute to a healthier lifestyle for expats for a number of reasons. First, she said diving is a very safe sport because you're not exposed to any possible injuries that often occur in sports we play on the ground.

"Diving underwater increases your cardio-vascular endurance and allows you to experience what it is like to move in a four-dimensional world like in space."

She said cardio-vascular endurance is the ability of the heart, blood vessels, blood and respiratory system to supply oxygen and fuel to muscles at a steady rate for a considerable length of time.


"Also, my love for the nature has driven me to learn more about it, and made me realize we, as divers, have so much to do to protect and preserve the marine life, which is surprisingly damaged a lot by old fishing methods, pollution on the land, deforestation, you name it. The more I dive, the more I want to get out there to make a difference, even if it's just by picking up garbage in the water."

  I need to make two snarky comments.  Again, I love SCUBA diving and feel it is a safe sport, but it needs significant training.  I think there are many who would question the relative safety of SCUBA compared to tennis, for example.  Still, it is not hard on your joints -unless you get the bends, in which case your joints fill with nitrogen bubbles and you could DIE!

"Maneuver in a four-dimensional world?"  Alright, including time, I guess there are four dimensions, but not many people maneuver in that fourth dimension.

Okay, snarkiness over.  I like the idea that diving will make people more aware of the environment and work to protect it.  I believe that is true.  On the other hand, I have doven with Korean divers and diving can be a way to get fresh sushi.  I remember diving in Koje Island and pointing out an octopus I saw under a rock.  I turned away, then looked back to see the octopus being stuffed into a bag.  Later, the diver's daughter ate the ring of tentacle on a stick like an eight-legged lollipop.

Here in Sokcho, I see men and women out harvesting the bounty of the ocean to such an extent that I can't believe they leave anything behind.

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