Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dracula sneezes

I am sick, although I am told tonsillitis is not contagious, and am more conscious of disease-spreading behaviors.

On the bus yesterday, a man in front of me was resting with his arm over his eyes.  He coughed many times, but at least he didn't spray his own eyes.

In class a student coughed loudly and vigorously in my general direction without covering his mouth.  Well, many students do that, but this one had taken a winter course with me an dI knew him fairly well so I teased him and told him, and the class about "Dracula sneezes".

The photo is from the print version of Time.  Here is the online version with no picture.

It took me a while  to figure out why they sneezed into their elbows.  This way they can still use their hands without undue concern.  They can shake hands or touch door knobs or the like.

Tuesday night I went to Emerg and was given a needle and two days worth of medicine and told to come back during business hours to see the proper doctor.  When I returned, yesterday, after having been coughed on and the like, I also bought alcohol swabs to disinfect my hands when I am away from a fully-equipped bathroom sink (At the university the sinks have cold water, no soap and no towels.  Some people use a wad of toilet paper to dry their hands but I worry too much about people later in the day who may need that TP more desperately).  The pharmacist who helped me choose the alcohol swabs seemed to roll her eyes a little at why I was buying them as if she thought I was a hypochondriac, but I am tired of being sick.

Actually, as I think about it a little, she rolled her eyes at me the same way I rolled my eyes at a co-worker who would always open push-doors by pushing at the top of the door, not the commonly-used handle.  Sorry, Bill.

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