Monday, May 25, 2009

Archeology on Chungdae Mountain

First, what I think is an immature magpie, the first I have ever seen.
As I climbed up Chungdae mountain, I saw some university-aged men heading down with farm tools in their hands.  I was surprised until I saw the taped off area at the peak.

At first, I thought they were digging to  pour concrete or something construction-related.
However, seeing brushes in their hands made me rethink things.

Finally, I saw these shells and realized they are unearthing Korean War vintage artifacts.
I wonder what else they will find and what made them decide to search there in the first place.  I guess Gangwon was one big battlefield so they could conceivably dig anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian. I am thinking of renewing my EPIK contract in Gangwon do and moving to Sokcho. I have visited several times and I really like it there. Is it as good to live in though. I am not bothered about night life. Where in the city to the majority of teachers live? How far by bus is the beach from you for example. I just want to know if you think it s good place to live in gangwon. Thanks!

kwandongbrian said...


I like it here.

As an EPIK teacher, you would likely be interested in the local KOTESOL group and many of it's members are EPIK.

I don't know where the majority of teacher live, but there seem to be a lot of us near Expo Park, in the Bu-Yeong Apartment complex.

I am a thirty minute walk from a beach or a 4 minute cab ride or 15 minutes or so by bus-&-walking. There are a LOT of beaches here and none are far away.

Hope that helps.