Saturday, May 02, 2009

a smaller photo

This photo may be a repeat, but now it is blogging sized.  I'm learning.  It was darn hard to find after I adjusted the size and saved it, though.  I hope that gets easier.


Marcus Peddle said...

Does the computer come with an instruction manual? Could you find any online guides to the Apple operating system? Or do they expect it will be intuitive enough for people to pick up as they go?
Any problems accessing web sites with Safari?

kwandongbrian said...

Safari has been great, so far. I haven't yet tried the Korea Herald, which has always given Firefox trouble.

Every time I open an application, a short tutorial starts. Most of the time I watch at least some of it, but sometimes I try to work it out myself.

The computer came with a Korean guide but lots of English manuals are available online.

Its hard for me to compare Windows and Leopard (the Apple OS) because my Windows computer is so old. I love the new features my iMac has but I don't what Vista offers.

I have made arrangement with the guy in Gangneung to partition the drive and set up Windows on Wednesday. Apparently, it will be an overnight thing, so I will return to Gangneung on Thursday to pick it up. I am using the computer and will back up whatever I have on it Tuesday night.

Marcus Peddle said...

Sounds good. I guess it will be a couple more years before I go Apple since the computer I have now is still quite good.