Thursday, May 21, 2009

bicycles in the news

Somewhat creepy, but definitely well-experienced designer, Andre Kim, is now working on bicycles.  The Joongang article describes his bikes a little and also mentions Chanel and Gucci as other new entrants into the bicycle market.
Korean designer Andre Kim says he wants to bring color to bicycles, pictured right with models. Provided by Freya Hatlem-Olsen

Meanwhile, also from the Joongang (via Marmot's Hole), police in Ulsan have created a bicycle squad.

A newly organized 11-member police bicycle squad carries out its first patrol in the city of Ulsan after its inauguration on Thursday. The squad is the first of its kind in Korea organized by a local metropolitan police agency.[NEWSIS]
Among other things mentioned in the article, bicycle police squads apparently improve the public's perception of the police.  I suppose it's hard to sleep in a quiet backstreet on a bicycle.  Less sarcastically, I expect that the ability of the police to interact more easily and the requirement to be more transparent (you can't hide much on a bicycle) will help.

If only the weather were better, I would add some personal cycling news.  Alas, I can only look out the window at the falling rain.

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Marcus Peddle said...

I like the bikes. The models are creepy, creepy . . . I bet people knock them down in alleys.