Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tenuous connection between the late President Roh and Yangyang county

In the Joongang, there is a sappy farewell to the recently deceased ex-president Roh Mu-hyeon, comparing him to a salmon of the sort that swims up the NamDae River in Yangyang.

Salmon return to lay eggs in the Namdaechon River in Gangwon Province, where they were born, after a three to four-year journey of thousands of miles through the northern Pacific Ocean near Alaska. [Kangwon Ilbo]
I was not a particular fan of him when he was alive and though I can find the strength to not badmouth him now that he is past, I cannot join in the praise he is receiving from the same people to attack him last week.

Salmon are cool, though.


Comella said...

Super photo.

kwandongbrian said...

Yes, pity it's not mine. The photo is from the article. Sorry that I didn't make that clear.