Thursday, May 14, 2009

First ride of the year and 'Somdari' review

I rode my bike nearly to Naksan Temple, which isn't a long trip.  On the other hand, my legs are sore this evening, but not aching; the ride might have been the perfect length.

I started by riding to a Naksan Temple on fire!

Relax, it wasn't on fire, but some metal certainly reflected a lot of sun at the base of the Kwaneum Statue.
Closer, we can see a few trees are growing on the hillside.

On the south side of the temple, on Highway 7, at Seorak Beach, is Somdari Chocolate.
I stopped in and the chocolatier gave me a glass of water without my asking.  After looking around, I ordered an ice chocolate drink for 5,000 won.

It was fantastic!  Strong and rich and sweet enough that I had to ask for another glass of water once I had finished it.  Like Travolta in Reservior Fiction (or whatever the movie was called), I have trouble paying five thousand won for a chocolate drink, but this may well have been worth it.
They make chocolates onsite and they all looked good, although the box titled, "Seafood chocolate" gave me pause.  I don't think they were serving Korea's version of Monty Python's chocolate Frog (it has a frog, lightly killed, in it), but rather some interesting translation work.

I plan to return to try the clam chowder they also serve.  It does appear to have seafood in it.
Anyway, after my stop, I headed home, taking an inland route, increasing my total distance to 25km.  I would like to ride to work in the last week of May and that's around 70km, so I have some work to do.


ZoVaR said...

Read this before you try the clam chowder :)

I keep thinking I need to make a big batch of chowder and have some people over.

kwandongbrian said...

I did read it when she wrote it, but should have paid more attention. That was a close one!

Marcus Peddle said...

I might go there and try the chocolate. Thanks for the information.
Your last few posts have been very positive. Good reading.

kwandongbrian said...

The chocolate was fantastic. ZoVar is right, though; the Bliss' didn't enjoy the chowder.

kwandongbrian said...

I just looked back over my post. I now see what made you so interested in the place: my Monty python reference.