Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obligatory post on Roh Mu-hyeon

I consider myself a regional blogger, although I do follow a few national and international issues.  Politics is not my beat and I was happy to let the other blogs discuss the ex-president's suicide.

Still, here is a chance to post another pic of my little guy, posing now with a memorial ribbon, the meaning of which he has no idea.

He seems proud of it, though.

The post I like best, of those other bloggers I mentioned, is Roboseyo's.  He describes the many ways the suicide was the wrong thing to do.
Hmm, I thought I had read a bit suggesting that Roh might have had the chance to recover from bad decisions and gain a positive international image, much as failed-president-but-Nobel-prize-winner Jimmy Carter did.  I can't find it now.  I might have been thinking of another blogpost by someone else. I still like Roboseyo's though.

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