Friday, February 13, 2009

Nude Beach News

I guess talking about beaches during this time of year ensures people don't forget about them. Still, it seems strange timing to discuss beaches. With or without bathing suits, there would be some sharp nipples at these temperatures.

Anyway, Jeju is considering opening a nude beach.

Jeju provincial government will firstly examine whether the measure would entail any legal problems, and then install necessary facilities for nude sunbathing, including changing rooms, on beaches favored by foreigners. Potential nude beaches include Jungmun Beach, which is connected to luxury hotels in the Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex, and Hamdeok Beach, which is the most popular among vacationers.

"If a nude beach is created in Jeju, it will become the first of its kind in Korea. It will boast openness comparable to famous ocean resorts in Europe and Australia," said Lee Jong-man, Chief of the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Bureau of Jeju Provincial Government.

I see the beaches are intended to attract foreign tourists. Australia, which is mentioned as a model, has lots of foreign tourists (more on that in a later post) but also a domestic population that enjoys topless beaches. The same is true in Europe. I don't think there are that many Koreans who would use the beach - I mean use the beach topless or nude; I am sure there are many who would use it for photography practice.

Indeed, in 2008, a beach near Sokcho was a site for nude photography: Finally on Sunday is a "Sokcho Beach Nude" . Whatever it is, it costs 20,000won, starts at 9:00am and involves nude photos.

There were plans, or discussions for a nude beach in Gangwon, but I haven't heard anything come of them (and I see the link in that post here from 2005 doesn't work any more). Here is what I quoted four years ago: The province's environment, tourism and culture bureau has been toying with different ideas for new tourist attractions, including a nude beach.

``We are going to conduct a series of surveys on tourists this summer about their opinions on a nude beach along the east coast,'' provincial official Lee Myun-ki said.

The link to the Nomad is also dead as he closed his blog a year or more ago. Gee, I could really be talking out my ass for all the working references I have.

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Catherine said...

It does seem like Jeju-do has a much more relaxed additude towards nudity and sexuality than the mainland. For example: Jeju Love Land.