Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not quite sure of the value of this

...but it sure looks cute.

Last week the big fella (no longer the little guy) had his first Tae Kwon Do class.

We were asked, in an entirely friendly and well-meaning way, to not hang around the gym during his first classes as he would be distracted.

I did, however, watch the end of his classes as I waited to pick him up, careful to stand back from the door I peering through, to see him but not be too obvious (foreigners can distract whole classes of children easily).

The first time I watched, he was mostly playing with his belt like a snake. On a later visit, I saw him practice with some classmates of similar age or size. They must have had more experience because they were kicking from what I know as 'fighting stance' (one leg leading,body twisted slightly, hands
up in fists) and jumping on ocassion from left-leg-leading to right-leg-leading. The big fella was just jumping up and down, body squarely facing the instructor.

But, he had a happy smile on his face.

I am satisfied with the instructors and the big fella's training. So long as he has fun with other children, and learns a little, I will be as happy as the litt...big fella.

Oh, these photos were taken at home, if you couldn't tell.


PAKA said...

wow! he's grown...glad to hear that he enjoyed.

Masuro said...

Now that he's a fighting man you can't refuse him sweets. No chocolate? Kick to the shins! :)