Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks AlaskaMarci and OnTheRoadMartin

Here I am cooking D.L. Jardine's Texas Chili, a Christmas present from my sister, AlaskaMarci.

However, I wouldn't be able to open the tomato sauce without a can opener, a gift from OnTheRoadMartin, an ex-coworker who is still making plans for March and onwards.

The story of the can opener is a funny one. I had thought l lost my Swiss Army knife, a Christmas gift from many years ago from my mother. I bought a new one to replace it, but then found the original knife.

I then asked a coworker, Masuro, if he wanted to buy a knife and he happily said yes. Indeed, he was right at that time looking for a knife.

I told him about the knife I thought I had lost and how I even used it at home as I didn't have a can opener.

The next day, a can opener appeared in my mailbox at work. I thanked Masuro, who looked surprised. Soon, I learned that OTRMartin (ah, he's never On The Rag, he's always cheerful) had dropped it off for me. It seems that he has had an extra opener for years and even carried it with him, asking if others wanted it. He got tired of that, somewhat strange, habit and didnt' go out of his way to mention it these days. After he overheard my talk with Masuro, he delivered it the next day.

Coming soon, The chili!


Masuro said...

*cough* invite *cough*

kwandongbrian said...

The chili was only so-so, however, I should be quick to absolve DL Jardine of the blame. I had misplaced the recipe that came with the spices, so was working from memory. I think the recipe was simple enough but I also think I didn't use enough meat, so the flavour was too concentrated.

PAKA said...

i wonder if we're talking about the same martin...i guess he was only happy part of the time (the time i wasn't around).