Sunday, February 08, 2009


A friend in Sokcho told me about two men driving home (to Britain) from Korea. I thought it sounded like an interesting adventure and didn't think much more about it.

Turns out, Chris Barrett and Rob Sutcliffe have a webpage and were interviewed by the Joongang Daily before starting out.

They had car trouble in Turkey, finding a Hyundai dealer but the dealer didn't have or service Gallopers. I guess they solved the problem as the last web entry has them in Georgia (Not in the US).

They are having an interesting adventure, but also fundraising for Macmillan Cancer support, UNICEF and Deslexia Action.

Oh, regarding the Gangwon connection; they took a ferry from Sokcho:
"The trip will start at the beginning of September with a ferry trip from Sokcho to Vladivostok. Having checked out the boat, Sutcliffe said, “It looks like a jjimjilbang that’s about to sink.”
I think that's the Dong Chung ferry; I am not aware of any others.

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Kevin said...

So they didn't get permission to drive up from South Korea through North Korea, then into China, etc.? Alas.