Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quick: call VANK!

A newspaper is describing a sea by it's non-Korean name.

And it's the Joongang Daily.

The North deploys artillery on coast of the Yellow Sea

Seoul developing countermeasures to contend with the potential new threat...

Now, the news is serious and I want people to take it seriously, but, come on, the Yellow Sea? Where's that? North (and South) Korea have the East Sea (on their East Coasts, unsurprisingly) and the West Sea (On their west coasts). South Korea has a South Sea as well, but North Korea does not.

Yellow Sea? Nope.

A little background on VANK, for my mother and others outside of Korea:

VANK, a civic group with more than 15,000 members here and abroad, has been working hard to correct and promote historical facts about Korea on the Internet, textbooks in foreign countries and other publications and media.

A screen capture on Wikipedia: “Liancourt Rocks” comes up when Web users search Dokdo. [YONHAP]
Established in 1999, VANK has been playing a key role in promoting the view that the sea between Korea’s east coast and Japan is properly named the East Sea, not the Sea of Japan, as named in many foreign publications, textbooks and Web sites.

“We are monitoring well-known Web sites like, CIA World Factbook, and other Web dictionary sites, and our members living overseas also let us know if there is anything to be corrected in publications or school textbooks in foreign countries,” said Lim Hyeon-suk, a researcher for VANK.

Currently the group is monitoring hundreds of Web sites of foreign universities, international organizations, media outlets, Internet search engines, Web portals, government bodies, intelligence agencies, research centers and even airline companies. Major monitoring targets include official Web sites of the United Nations, foreign ministries of each country, the U.S. Library of Congress, Yahoo and even ESPN and TV Guide.
Background also from the Joongang (July 18, 2008). Their wikipedia article appears to be this one.

If "Sea of Japan" is incorrect, then "Yellow Sea" must be as well. Get to work, VANK (I figure that if they are 'monitoring hundreds of Web sites', mine must be on the list).


Masuro said...

I guess you are joking when you say "Yellow Sea" is the non-Korean name. Or trying to take the piss out of VANK (and you should; "letting people know" and "spamming" seem to be the same in their minds.) All the Korean maps I've seen have 황해 (Hwang Hae - Yellow Sea) as the name of that sea.

kwandongbrian said...

Boy, you Newfoundlanders can be really British when you want to be: no real Canadian would "take the piss out of" anyone (well, maybe babies or something).

Anyway, I'm sure you're describing events caused by China's influence over the region, not the more honest ways of Koreans.