Friday, February 13, 2009

deja vu disease

A year ago I had the flu or some other stomach bug. Mostly, I had the regular symptoms: a group that the author James Blish described as "polybathroomflourine", and lack of appetite, weakness and exhaustion, and one other. The symptoms came and went and when an episode began, I became aware of it from the physical symptoms and from a strange case of Deja vu.

My dsecription will sound vague and confusing. That's exactly like the memories.
I would be sleeping and the dream would consistently take the same path; I would be outside, sledding with my son and ... well, the dream had great detail but they didn't last.

When I was awake, the same thing would happen. I would be doing something and remember doing it in the past, but some other clear details that faded when I concentrated on them. Immediately after, I had to stumble to the bathroom.

I am having the same problem now. I haven't been sick but do feel weak and have no appetite at times and am having deja vu episodes through the day.

What the hey?

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