Saturday, February 14, 2009

Updating the blogroll

The blogs I link to here on Gangwon Notes hasn't represented the blogs I blogs I actually visit regularly in a long time. Now... it still doesn't but is closer.

It's been a long time since I visited the Asia Pages- does Jodi still maintain that blog? I get a "wordpress protected site" message and am unable to log in. If anyone can tell me what's going on with that blog, I'll either start reading it again, or delete it.

SeoulGlow: Mike, are you updating that blog? It doesn't look like it. I am a big fan of the Metropolitician but I only paid a little attention to SeoulGlow. I loved the interview of Soyeon, the astronaut. I may have to remove this blog from the 'roll.

BizarroBrian (well, he is the opposite of me: He lives in the South west rather than the North east, and he writes material that the has clearly put a lot of thought into) is a much needed addition to the 'roll (Brian in Jeollanam).

The EFL Geek has been a virtual friend to me and this blog for a long time (relative to blogs) and it was good to meet him at the 2008 KOTESOL conference.

Gusts of popular feeling, zenkimchi and robeseyo: well, I just entered them for completeness. Honestly, I enjoy and read them frequently but haven't argued with them as I have with bizarrobrian or submitted material as I have with the geek.

Locally, Sustainable City News looks interesting and paid me the great compliment of "following me" via the blogger widget. Where the Wild Things Are is a great book so could I not link to the guy, possibly living in Sokcho although it's been a while since he posted new content.

Dan Costello was a co-worker of mine and has had a blog about as long as I have, but only now have I added him to the "Gangwon Alumni" list. His content is more focused on business and not so much on Korea (Cross cultural reviews).

I think I am feeling homesick as I added seven new blogs to my hometown section - previously described as Bracebridge, but expanded to Huronia as my mother now lives outside of Bracebridge. These links may be more for my convenience than anyone else's.

So, in the next few weeks I will check on the Asia Pages and others and see what pruning I can do. I am more interested in a small number of links that I read most. I definitely read more blogs than I link to. If anyone else wants on this list -and membership on the list will increase your readership by, well, me, and maybe one or two others, please comment.


Daniel Costello said...

Hi Brian! Happy Valentine's Day!
You might like reading about Andrew Heller's maple syrup trade war?

Roboseyo said...

hey there. thanks for the add, bud.

kwandongbrian said...

Dan, I'll have a look. i am a fan of maple syrup, not so much of trade wars - we'll see.

Roboseyo, I should have done it long ago.

Brian said...

Thanks for the ad, too. We argued? I don't remember. Did I win?

kwandongbrian said...


Not seriously. I just told you to stay on your own side of Korea; you made reference to it in a post of yours.

This blog doesn't get many hits; that was a big deal here.