Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sorry, Mom

My mother will be visiting in April and May and we picked the dates to try to coincide with blooming flowers.

Unfortunately, the Joongang Ilbo has bad news:
With temperatures forecast to be above average next month, spring flowers like azaleas and forsythias are expected to bloom about a week earlier than last year, the Korea Meteorological Administration said yesterday.

I wish I could use the warm temperatures as an excuse, but mom is due here a month late, so the ten days change isn't big enough for me to be let off the hook.

Still, the dates are for when they begin to bloom, they will stay for some significant time afterwards. Also, the cherry blossoms will occur later - hopefully while Mom is here.

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Masuro said...

There are too many people at flower festivals so I generally just enjoy whatever flowers I see growing along the river or at school.