Sunday, February 08, 2009

Water shortage in Gangwon!

I don't have much to add to the article but I now realize I need to be careful. I think I am cautious enough with water but certainly enjoy long showers. It is time to shave with the water off, rather my habit of standing in the running shower while shaving.

The article describes problems in Southern Gangwon but we've had similar problems here, typically a little later in the spring.

Here is Maude Barlow(you can find a downloadable MP3 there) describing water problems on a global scale.
Ironically, the local crisis encourages me to drink local (tap) water, as Barlow suggests. You know what they say, think locally, act globally!

I hope President Lee thinks about this if he considers reopening plans for the Kyeongbu Canal.

Updated almost immediately: I see Taebaek is really suffering. Hey, that's the start of the two rivers the canal would have used. (And now I have become guilty of using a real tragedy for my own political ends (oh, that's how you do it).
According to Park, the city has faced the worst drought in 20 years this year and tap water is only available for three hours a day.

“Some schools provide bread and milk for lunches because they can’t cook cafeteria meals,” Park said.

“Hilly neighborhoods receive no tap water supply at all, and residents of such areas are solely dependent on water delivered by car. And yet, the drinking water shortage shows no signs of improving.”


Catherine said...

In early 2006, we only had water 12 hours per day for a week or two. We weren't living in Buyoung at the time. I've heard that Buyoung has its own well(s), so they didn't have to do without. True?

kwandongbrian said...

Well, I can't say about our own wells, but I wasn't particularly inconvenienced and only heard about the shortage from Skindleshanks.