Friday, June 17, 2005


I haven't posted much lately. Something's been on my mind, distracting me. Perhaps it's that I will be a father in five days!

Anyway, the Nomad has been covering my beat a little. He linked and commented on a Korea Times article about the possiblity of nude beaches in Gangwondo next year.

The province's environment, tourism and culture bureau has been toying with different ideas for new tourist attractions, including a nude beach.

``We are going to conduct a series of surveys on tourists this summer about their opinions on a nude beach along the east coast,'' provincial official Lee Myun-ki said.

Now, I think a nude beach is an interesting idea. I think that my attendance at such a beach might drive others away although it may be the one inducement to get back in shape that I've been looking for.

If Gangwondo wants to try different types of beaches, I reccommend first creating a swimming beach, where people who like to actually swim could be happy. Naksan beach has a bouyline five metres from shore and the guards make trouble if you go beyond the line. I don't blame the guards; after all, the rented power boats are racing just outside the line.

Another suggestion would be for a quiet or nature themed beach (not' au natural') without blasting music from speakers. The power boats at Sokcho beach have speakers bolted to the bow to further spread the music.

If I'm complaining about the loud music, does that mean I'm too old?

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Anonymous said...

Don't think many Koreans would actually use a nude beach, although a lot of tourists (college boys) would come to gawk, as they are known to do in foreign countries.