Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My son

I really should have prepared more for fatherhood.

Sure, I knew the basics as found in a few books. I don't know what the Korean books say about having a baby, but I do know that the process is somewhat different than as described in the books I read.

I'm doing fine. There were a few complications in the birth but I suspect no birth or early babycare is 'the usual'.

Alexander is fine and healthy. From the sound of his cries when we are slow feeding him, he has great lungs.

One of the obvious main points that I read (and already knew, everyone knows) is that newborns have weak necks and their heads must be supported. So, the first ten times I picked him up took me about two minutes as I ever-so-carefully maneuvered my hands into position. The hospital staff just scoop and lift; it'll be a while before I am as fast as them.

Introducing Alexander. Posted by Hello

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and offers of advice.

Oranckay, I am interested in that bike helmet; perhaps not right away. I will wait until you are settled again online - what's going on?

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oranckay said...

Lemmie know ahead of time next time you're in Seoul. my soritong is 공일일구칠공일둘둘육공.

My blog almost back to normal.