Sunday, June 19, 2005

Summer Rainy Season

Some things are very unpredictable. I think the weather is a good example. Judging from the results I see on MSNBC, I imagine they would agree. Only in Korea have I seen this kind of accurate dating.

"The rainy season is expected to begin on Wednesday, with a
rain front approaching northward to Cheju Island."..."The seasonal
according to the forecast, will have largely disappeared by the middle of next
month, with a few exceptions. "..."The administration expects about two to three
typhoons this summer, as in previous years."

Now, I can't predict what drivers on the road will do (and I really wish they would learn what a turn signal is!) but somehow they can note the start and end of a season down to the day. Well, last year they were right, so I guess I shouldn't be quite so skeptical.

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