Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gangwon beaches may lose their barbed wire next year.

GI Korea found this article about the Maritime Ministry's plans to remove 3km of the 68 km of barbed wire and razor wire it has around Gangwon beaches next year. 3km isn't a lot, but it is a start.

Does that mean the beaches will be open 24 hours? Many are closed through the night.

Might I suggest another way to encourage return visitors would be to have a few more garbage bins at the beaches as an alternative to tourists simply burying their trash in the sand.


Gumbi said...

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kwandongbrian said...

Yeah, that does seem like a good combination. I mean, even plates can be dangerous when you are naked:

Anonymous said...

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kwandongbrian said...

This is the second post about a boat or "...tug is great thanks".

Is this a secret code? Cananyone break it? What the heck is it doing here?