Sunday, June 19, 2005

Coast Guard issues Shark Warning

We in Gangwondo seem to be safe as the warning applies to the South and West coasts of Korea, which are warmer than the East Sea.

I found the warning here:

Specialists say the unusual number of sharks in the West and South seas is due to a warm current taking seaweed to the region from the south -- something that happens every early May -- and mixing with the existing cool current, which creates ideal conditions for sharks between June and August.

They say sharks will move into shallow waters when they are hungry and advise people to stay clear of shallow waters that suddenly slope off into great depth.

I hope Gangwondo's cold water keeps sharks away because the whole coast consists of sudden slopes to great depths.

I remember Bainbridge's book, Shark Attack, written in the 70's. His basic conclusion was that wherever high concentrations of humans swimming were found, higher numbers of shark attacks would also be found. - In other words, the only safe thing to do is to stay out of the ocean altogether. He found no safe colours, safe scents nor any other talisman worked to protect swimmers.

I will be swimming tomorrow at Sokcho beach. I don't know if I need to bury my head in the sand first.

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