Monday, June 13, 2005

Found near Chuncheon, Gangwondo

These little guys are endangered in Korea. A recent survey (described in the Korea Times) found two in Chunchon and Hongchon. apparently, 119 (throughout Korea) have been sighted since 1997.
I am concerned. Hongchon and Chunchon are close by human standards but it's a long trip as the squirrel flies.

Korean Flying Squirrel Posted by Hello

From the Article:
Flying squirrels, which also inhabit Siberia and Manchuria, are usually found in mountainous regions in Kangwon and North Kyongsang provinces in Korea.

The survey showed that areas in Chunchon, Hongchon, Yongdong, Hapchon, Ansong, Kyongju, and Ulsan have maintained healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.

I'm not sure who's standards they are using, but I certainly wouldn't describe much of Korea as having healthy ecosystems. It sounds to me like the National Institute of Environmental Research is trying to justify itself to the population or toe the government line.

More results are said to be online at the Ministry of Environment's website, but I couldn't find them in the English section.

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