Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thick Fog on the coast

I live very close to the coast; perhaps 500 metres away.
Today, I was very domestic and kept busy cleaning the house. It was hot and I was planning to hit the beach later. I took my bike down to the parking lot (carrying it, the elevators were being repaired or something) and got onto my bike in the hot sun. I get to the coast and it's cold! The mist in the air really brought the temperature down.

I went to my university to drop stuff off and pick up new stuff to work on and the campus was hot. I took an inland road north and was in the sun under I returned to the coast. I took this picture at Daepo Hang.

fogged in? Posted by Hello

I don't actually know if they are fogged in; the harbor is usually this full in the afternoon.

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