Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coast Guard follow-up, a change of heart

I posted earlier today and also a few days ago about the Korean Coast Guard. In my post today, I joked about the fighting effectiveness of the Korean Coast Guard. As the son, the grandson and yes, the husband of a police officer, I just wanted to be clear that anyone who attacks a police officer should be punished quite severely and if the Chinese fishermen did indeed attack the Korean Coast Guard officers and if the Korean fishermen did attack the Japanese CG officers, they should be punished accordingly.

Particularly at this juncture, the Koreans should not interfere with the Japanese investigation of the Korean fishermen. I would say that at any time, but simple good-faith is not the only reason. If the Koreans plan to charge the Chinese fishermen, they should play it straight with the Japanese for the world's public opinion.

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