Sunday, June 05, 2005

One world, Many people

While surfing today, I saw several references to a UN report for Earthday; an atlas with side by side satellite pictures from the 1970s and from 2000 of various locations.

The atlas is part of a project called 'One world, Many people' and is meant to show urban sprawl and environmental degradation over the past 20-some years.

The pictures of how Las Vegas have grown are impressive (or horrifying). However, I was unable to find information about Korea. 1970's Korea would have shown North Korea as better off than it is now and shown South Korea, particularly Gangwondo, as farm land or forest. I think putting Korea photos from 197- and 2000 together would be very interesting. Perhaps there was little satellite coverage of Korea at that time.

I will keep looking, but if anyone else finds a link, I'd be grateful to see it.

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