Thursday, July 08, 2004

ME (I know but really, really about me) and BABY

There are few things more egoistic than having a blog. Pointing out the posts that are about me is like pointing at the bodies of water that have fish. Anyway....

Contenders (Sept '05)
Doug Bennett (Oct '05)
Home for holidays (Dec '04)
Culture-shock (Dec '04)
Back in Korea (Jan '05)
I'm back (Feb '05)
Hel-seu (Feb '05)
Exercise update 1 (Feb '05)
Exercise update 2 (Mar '05)
Foodbloggin' salsa (Mar '05)
End of contenders (Apr '05)
jogging (Apr '05)

Not good news for expecting parents (May '05)
Coming soon (May '05)
audio post on delivery day 1 (Jun '05)
Audio post on delivery day 2 (Jun '05)
Audio post on delivery day 3 (Jun '05)
My son (Jun '05)
Excited about poop (July '05)

WIFE: My wife is a wonderful women about whom I fill many blogs. However, she enjoys her privacy does not care to be featured here often. You may find photos or mentions of her in hiking or other posts.

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