Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Doug Bennett: My favorite musician, dead at 53

When I was a speed swimmer in my teens, the coach used to play Doug and the Slugs all the time. I enjoyed the music and when they played nearby - at the Kee To Bala, in Muskoka, they were my first choice to try to get in underage. I had learned to like the music because i heard it so often but when I saw them in concert, WOW!- The best Bar-band in Canada. The Kee had strange floors ( I think should-be-condemned is a better description of the floors) and dancers got a big spring. It was like dancing on a trampoline. I saw them again several times at the Kee and also at Front 54 in Thorold. Nobody sat and listened to Doug. He wouldn't let you- I mean that, I think he would drag people onto the floor. One year, he had this bit where he would find a bar-goer and ask them obnoxious questions while holding their hair and making them nod their head to his queries. My friend Ron thought it was great when he was tackled but I think someone later sued him.

I have no idea if his music was 'good'. I can't carry a tune. But I know his concert show was the best I had ever seen

Doug and the Slugs Posted by Hello

This picture is from their second album. I found it here.

Goodbye Doug. "Too bad you had to get caught. That's not you to make a mistake"

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