Monday, October 18, 2004

Cranes have returned to Cheorwon

While visiting a Korean friend, I noticed a newspaper with a picture of some Manchurian cranes on the front page. Upon returning home, I could not find the picture online. Anyway, they have returned to Cheorwon. I thought Korea was just a rest stop on a longer migration but this site says Korea is their wintering site. As I couldn't find the photo I wanted here is a Korean stamp photo featuring the Manchurian crane.

Manchurian Crane Posted by Hello

The site that gave me their migration route also gave their name as Manchurian or Japanese Crane. I already used a 'Sea of Japan/East Sea' joke for the Japanese Maple below so I guess I can't here (sigh).

I went to Cheorwon a few years ago with the Royal Asiatic Society and the weather was crummy but the birds were fantastic. Never having seen an ostrich, when I saw these giants, I thought they could be ostriches. These are big birds. They fly in 'V's and their huge wings look prehistoric.

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GI Korea said...

I was just at Choerwon 2 weeks ago and the cranes are still there. It is amazing how big and numerous they are up there. The whole sky was just filled with them and lots of ducks. It almost felt like I was back in Washington state temporarily.