Monday, July 05, 2004

Korea and the world/ Canada

These posts are about Korea generally, Korea's relationship with the World or with World News that may not be related to Korea. Below are posts relating to Canada

Comparing Utility companies in Korea and the US (Oct 2004)

Drive to correct errors about Korea (Oct 2004)

Racial Stereotyping in Korea (Nov 2004)

Wrestling in the parliament building (Dec 2004)

Adoption (Mar 2005)

Daemado and Takeshima (Mar 2005)
Daemado sign (Mar 2005)

Earthquake (Mar 2005)

Taxing bribes (Apr 2005)

Phone order brides (May 2005)

Dual citizenship problems (conscription) (May 2005)

Boa as national news? (May 2005)

Earthday (June 2005)

Bulwer-lytton awards (possible an ESL topic) (Aug 2005)


Medicine advertising (Feb 2005)
Nucs in Canada? (May 2005)
Canada's dokdo (July 2005)
Canada's dokdo 2 (Aug 2005)
Plane catches fire at Toronto Airport (Aug 2005)

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