Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Canada's Dokdo

There was an American named Kevin (not Kim) who ran a blog named incestuous amplification. The title described the phenomenon where bloggers read only the news they liked and all commented on the same thing and quoted each other in a cycle. In what is not really a connected thought, I was really excited when the Marmot linked to me; I felt as if I had reached the big time (sadly, only briefly). Bringing these two points together, I enjoyed being part of the Korean blogosphere but now I am not. I am blogging into a vacuum. What did the Hominid say? Did anyone else already cover this subject? I don't know and perhaps can't know, until late August. The camp I am working at has internet access but will not connect to any blogspot sites. There are a few other blogs are inaccessible as well. I can read the Marmot and the Nomad. I had the same problem at my university office; blogspot was unavailable.

Blogger is accessible so I can post but I cannot see my posts.

anyway, perhaps I am only talking to the wind, in practice, there is little difference from my regular posting.

Recently, Canada's version of Dokdo has been in the news. Canada and Denmark are squabbling over a tiny island (Hans Island) that is inaccessible by sea but probably will be reachable as global warming opens sealanes. Man, Dokdo has little going for it but at least you could reach it.

I believe the island is much closer to Canada than to European Denmark but Greenland (a Danish territory) may be closer still. I don't know if geographical distance is any kind of yardstick in these cases though. If it were, wouldn't it be funny if France got into the act? Miquelon and Saint Pierre are two French islands just east of Newfoundland so they may be close.

Anyway, the CBC account describes Denmark's claim but not Canada's. I don't know if we have a reasonable claim to Hans Island.

핸스도 우리땅!


james said...

Don't let those crazy Danes get near Hans! You have to start pointing nuclear weapons at them now and if they don't back off, let them have it, by God! Some of their ancestors were Vikings, you know, so they'll just plunder to their hearts' content if you let them and all they'll leave behind will be hats with horns and Viking Metal music, as if we need either of those.

Canadians, this will be your finest hour.

GI Korea said...

Hey Brian I don't want to see you on the news chopping your fingers off or setting yourself on fire over this island.

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks for your encouragement and concern, respectively.

I can now see my own blog (thanks Minjok webmaster!) but still cannot reach either of yours.

James, I can safely say that sending a submarine would be a bad idea for Canada. We do need to do something; what if they were to claim L'Anse aux meadows?

Don't worry about me, GI. I will suggest that Bracebridge's town council create a 'Han Island Day'.