Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Excited about poop

No, The Big Hominid isn't guest blogging.

Here's Alex after all the excitement.

Alex, my 28 day old son has been home for only a few days now. He was sick and stayed in the hospital for his first three weeks. He's been fine at home but for more than 30 hours, he didn't poop and I was planning on taking him back to the hospital this afternoon.

Well, after I fed him a bottle and burped him today, I heard some rumbling from the undercarriage. I immediately checked, saw that had pooped and started changing his diaper.

Rookie mistake...

Three diapers and uncounted wet and dry tissues later we were both done. My wife, who had been out registering our son at city hall, arrived just as Alex and I finished -he finished making a mess and I finished mostly cleaning it.

Anyway, he seems healthy and I didn't freak out too much while cleaning him so I'm satisfied with his health and my competence as a father.


Mike said...

Welcome to fatherhood! Beautiful son you have there.

Anonymous said...

Very cute kid! Seeing as he comes from the same hospital as my on, we'll have to get together and swap horror stories sometime! (sterilized medical instruments wrapped in old newspapers?)