Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Racial Stereotyping

A few days ago, I blogged about a Korean group that offered prizes to those who found errors about Korea online. I asked if we could write in with errors Koreans post about foreigners and specifically mentioned cartoons with racial stereotypes. This cartoon comes from the Chosun via the Marmot. The marmot translates the cartoon which is about the US election.

Chosun ilbo cartoon

I am more interested in the features of the characters drawn. The voters all have giant noses. The international observers consist of an African with huge lips and a bone through his nose, a tiny nosed Chinese with a moon-shaped face and a European with another big honker. (Am I furthering stereotypes by thinking that the huge lipped observer is African instead of a tanned Caucasian?)

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Daengbo said...

Racism, indeed. I moved here with my Thai wife (who is of Chinese ancestry), and we are constantly judged by Koreans who assume that I stole one of their women. But then, both you and I live slightly out of the big city, don't we?

Paka said...

My wife is Korean and I am not, but I do have my share of asian features (I'm HAPA - mixed). It's both a blessing and a curse. Most local just think that I'm a RETARD.(gasp...yes, I used the word).