Monday, November 08, 2004

More posts coming...really

I've been away for a while and busy, too. Exams have finished and I've been marking them. My wife has finished her college course (she is a little more private than I so I have no more details on that subject...yet).

I was in Seoul on the weekend for her graduation and also made it too a few bookstores. I bought the new Moon Handbook to Korea. I have the second edition and found it much more useful than the Lonely Planet book for Korea. I'll post on comparing the two books (Moon Handbooks 2nd edition and 3rd edition) in a few days. I may also comment on having a guidebook after 5+ years in the country.

After that, I don't know. I wrote some goals in my first post. Studying Korean was one of my goals. I really haven't done any such studying at all. I have learned a fair bit about Korea and plan on continuing.

I'm sure something will come up to post on: nothing is as constant as change.

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