Saturday, November 27, 2004

Winter is here.

This first picture is from Nov 14, 2003. It shows the first snow fall on Dae-chung-bong (the highest peak in Seorak Park).

first snow 2003 Posted by Hello

This years snow was almost two full weeks later. Here it is:

first snow 2004 Posted by Hello
Two points on a chart don't allow for statistical analysis so I can't say if this is an example of global warming.

This from Nov 27. The snow probably fell on the 26th but the mountain has been fog bound for four days. A friend at Hoeng-song Sosa (the highest pass on the Gangneung- Seoul highway) reported lots of snow yesterday (the 26th).

We had great weather until the 25th. At midday, it was still comfortable outside in shirt-sleeves. Yesterday, I dug out my fleece, parka, mitts and wool hat (I am Canadian but I can't spell 'tocque').

Winter weather doesn't just mean snow here. Yangyang is somewhat famous for it's winter wind and it was in full strength yesterday and still today. And for the next three months.

Winter wind Posted by Hello

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Walking in the wind is okay but cycling season has really ended. I have to be really late or desperate to ride in the winter. Last year, the bridge had a strong cross-wind. I leaned into the wind as I rode and a bus passed me. It blocked wind for a few seconds and I almost fell. Then the wind came back full strength and I almost fell the other direction.

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