Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Moon Guide correction or update

I posted earlier about the new edition of the Moon Handbook to Korea. I noticed a small error that I can correct here.

The guide describes Yangyang's new international airport According to the guide:

Domestic flights from Yangyang go to Seoul Gimpo and Busan Gimhae airports. The airport is serviced by both Asiana Airlines and Korean Air. International flights run from select cities in China but will probably open up to Japanese cities eventually. (p347)

Well, just when Yangyang airport was about to open flights to China, a disease named SARS had it's 15 minutes of infamy. There has never been flights to or from China. There is a once a week charter flight from Taiwan but the charter is based in Taiwan and one cannot fly to Taiwan from here; it's only for Taiwanese to visit here.

My wife worked in the airport for almost a year, at the Tourist information booth. She got a lot of work done on her hanji ( a Korean papercraft) because the airport is a very quiet place.

Now, there isn't even a flight to or from Gimpo. There may be flights in the summer or, anyway, high traffic seasons. The airport now only has flights to and from Busan (I'm not sure, once or twice a day).

For what it's worth, Kwandong University has a flying club and their little prop-driven plane is there.


Anonymous said...

Flying club . . . any word on the price of flying lessons? I've always wanted to learn . . .

kwandongbrian said...

I will ask around at the university. I have seen the club office at the uni an dfigured it was for staff and students, but it may be open for the public. I'll post on it in a few days.

kwandongbrian said...

I meant to go to the club office and check on flying lessons and I kept forgetting.

By wondeful chance, as I took the bus to Seoul en-route to the Airport and Canada, a Club Beautifly member was beside me and we talked.

They do, or will, offer lessons on a Cesna (C206- if that means anything) and are looking at getting an amphibious plane as well.

More news on pricing later (probably as a complete and separate post).