Saturday, November 20, 2004

Nov 20 Bike Trip

Today a student and I rode from Yangyang to Songcheon-li, a small village famous for it's traditional rice cake. It was a fair climb into the foothills around Mount Seorak Park but much shorter than I remembered. It was only 25 minutes to the village which is set in a steep sided valley. We went all the way through the village to the end of the road and walked along a San-chaek-lo or walking path.

This photo was taken in the village. The student with me took a better picture of me than I did of him so here it is.

Near Songcheon-li Posted by Hello

We rode back into town, a great thrilling descent. As the weather was turning bad, we went our separate ways.

I'm not a big fan of rice cake but the valley would be a nice place for a picnic and it was a good way to spend two hours on the bike.

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