Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm back

I'm Back!

In case anyone was worried for me, I'm fine and will be posting regularly for the next four months at least.

I was at home (my mother's, in Canada) for three weeks (and suffering with Rural Canada's slow internet speeds), home (mine/my wife's, in Yangyang) for two days then off to Minjok Sagwan to teach at an English camp for middle schools students. At Minjok, I was so busy that I hardly had time to post anything. Well, I probably had time but although I could post (and, I think did post one message), I couldn't see my page. Blogspot is hard to connect to in Korea: some of my students can access it on campus but I can't from my office and Minjok was another dead spot.
I am actually writing this before I can post because we moved to Sokcho and are not hooked up to the internet yet. I hope the megapass people come by this afternoon.

It's been a busy seven weeks. The trip home was great and I have one more culture shock related post based on my experiences there coming.

The camp was, well, worth several posts. I meant to post some comments about camp earlier with the warning that I may want to work there again so I had to be careful about how frank I was. Well, I still need to be careful as I recieved a job offer from them that I need to consider.

I will also be posting about the meaning of 'etc' in Korean contracts. From my Minjok Winter 2005 English Camp: Teachers may be asked to take on additional responsibilities such as organizing or judging contests, etc. What does this mean, in practice?

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