Wednesday, February 23, 2005

scary weather

I am not religious at all but recent weather around the world sure appears divinely powered. The recent tsunami was the biggest event but today's weather reports somehow shocked me more. Maybe the first disaster made me more aware of the weather.

Anyway, today I read about an earthquake in Iran, mudslides and extreme cold killing hundreds in Kashmir and tornadoes in California.

Are earthquakes considered weather? Again, I am not religious but earthquakes would reasonably fit with snow and rain storms as 'Acts of God'.

If I were religious, I might compare these disasters to events in the Left Behind series, although they happened after the rapture, which I haven't yet noticed.

By the way, we've had an unusual amount of snow in Sok-cho but it is mostly gone now. Gangneung, 100km or so up the coast has much more. Really, the weather here is good to typical for the season.

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