Saturday, February 19, 2005

Favourite movie lines

I was surfing through MSNBC today and I found this link for a list of 400 movie quotes that will be voted on to make a top one hundred list. The usual suspects are here; clearly I've got to see more Bogart movies, I've never seen the Maltese Falcon, among others.

Two unlikely movie lines stood out for me. Firstly, the line:
"Warriors, come out to play!"
Paramount, 1979
ACTOR David Patrick Kelly
SCREENWRITERS David Shaber, Walter Hill
DIRECTOR Walter Hill
PRODUCER Lawrence Gordon
My friends and I watched that movie at least five times. I just didn't think anyone else had seen it. I guess it was popular at one point.
Second, a terrible movie, but really a great line:
352 NADA
"I have come here to chew bubble gum and kickass, and I'm all out of bubble gum."
Universal, 1988
ACTOR Roddy Piper
SCREENWRITER Frank Armitage (John Carpenter)
DIRECTOR John Carpenter
PRODUCER Larry J. Franco
If you haven't seen the movie, even more than today's movies with The Rock, this was a WWF bout turned into a movie. It would have been a pretty good Outer Limits episode at 40-50 minutes.

I noticed no Clockwork Orange lines. Am I the only one who asks for "milako plus, to sharpen me up for the ultra-violence"? Or what about,"No time for the ole in-out. I've just come to check the meter." Does the fact that I loved the movie mean authorities will be sending me for some time in a ward with cushioned walls or a movie theatre, listening to Ludwig B. while a nurse gives me eyedrops?

There were three Dirty Harry quotes, I missed them the first time I looked. I might have added a few others: "Is coffee psychic?"

Anyway, I guess half the fun is thinking of lines that should be one the list.

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